4.3 inch LTS neat capeThis is a 4.3” LCD cape that plugs to beagle bone black. We have submitted our pull request for dtbo support after release of Debian 8.4, thus you will need to follow these instructions if you are running 8.4 or older.

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Part numbers:
Neat Cape with Touch – LCDAL01-043RTL0NCNTBR1.0
Neat Cape – LCDAL04-0430TL0NCNTBR1.0

Latest Firmware Images here.

Download BB-LTS-NEAT-4-00A0.dtbo

Power on.

Attach USB cable.

Open up Filezilla to place BB-LTS-NEAT-4-00A0.dtbo into /lib/firmware

filezilla screen capture

Putty into device and turn off HDMI and update ramfs

Putty Configuration

# nano /boot/uEnv.txt

Remove the # next to dtb=am335x-boneblack-emmc-overlay.dtb remove HDMI

uEnv text

Exit, save changes.

# /opt/scripts/tools/developers/update_initrd.sh

# reboot

You will see the display when it powers back up.