Custom Design & Engineering

Customized LCM and OLED Projects

Hardware, Software, Optoelectronic and Mechanical Engineering resources available for customized LCM and OLED projects

Custom NPI LCM and OLED

We enjoy opportunities that allow us to build and deliver the entire module. Our Shenzhen facility is wholly owned by LTS founding members. We collaboratively design with our R&D center in North Carolina and our display manufacturing experts in Shenzhen. We have backlight and semi-auto bonding capabilities. We have an established track record of working with world class cell manufacturers to specify and deliver a flex on board (FOB) sub-assemblies for our LCM and OLED products.

Full Array Local Dimming

LTS has been pioneering FALD since 2018. Utilizing a combination of disciplines from FPGA, HW, SW and ME we can bring your product to life. We have experience in FALD designs from 6” to 48” and have come across a variety of differing customer needs. We’ve built products and prototypes with several different LED technologies and different use cases in fields of broadcast, medical and automotive.

Interface And Video
Bridge Electronics

By leveraging our HW, FW and FPGA design competencies we can design and build simple adapter boards to complex video bridging interfaces. We have recently designed a carrier board for the Raspberry PI CM4 module and use it to drive our 7” MIPI display. We have designed display port video bridging with FALD driver capability on the Intel Cyclone. LTS is a licensee of Intel DP IP.

Backlight Design for High bright, Ultra-bright and Wide Gamut

The norm is never good enough for our customers, so we deliver all the NITs and all the color. We constantly strive for the lowest power, highest brightness, widest gamut coverage. Our customers use LCDs in the bright sunlight and require UB at 2000+ NITs. Need more? No problem! We’ve adopted QDEF technology.

EOL Drop In
Replacement Designs

Consumer LVDS and MIPI panels are often adopted by a variety of products (customers) but they were most likely built by the TFT factory with 1 end customer in mind. Your source may have been open market, distribution or OEM direct and now your LCD or OLED is EOL. We have been able to adapt several customers to a new LCD or OLED, or into new glass.

Display Metrology

LTS owns a variety of colorimeters, spectroradiometers and vision inspection equipment. The LCD or OLED you buy will be properly characterized and optoelectronic reports can be provided. Color science is fascinating to us.